Mr. Santosh Kumar Jain

Deputy General Manager, NRLDC Power System Operation Corporation Ltd

Santosh Kumar Jain has 26 years of experience in Indian Power Sector out of which 21 years in POWERGRID, and 5 years & on in POSOCO. During the stint of POWERGRID, he has handled all aspects of Construction, Operation, and Maintenance of Substations & Transmission lines up to 765 KV level. At POSOCO, he is currently working in Grid Operation of Northern Regional Load despatch centre and has earlier worked in Market Operation. He is actively working towards infusing Blockchain technology in Power sector, especially electricity markets. His works has been published in the form of technical papers and articles in various National & International Conferences (CIGRE, ICPS, NPSC, etc.), Books (Springer’s) & Journals (High Tech & Innovation Journal, Europe). The major areas of Contribution are Renewable Energy Integration, Use of Blockchain in Power Sector, Challenges of Indian Electricity Markets, Challenges and Learning during Integration of Phasor Measurement Unit Data with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System, Successful Mitigation of Week Number Roll Over Issue of Global Positioning System in Indian Power System, etc. He has also contributed in the CIGRE’s Technical Brochure on ‘The Role of Blockchain Technologies in Power Markets’ and in process of publishing on ‘Energy Trading with Blockchain’. During this tenure he has shared his experience virtually and physically on various platforms viz. CIGRE Paris, CIGRE Canada, IIT Bombay, BIT, Mesra, NPTI, E-ITEC, CDAC, Uttarakhand Electricity Regulatory Commission, and many more. His works can also be accessed from Researchgate, CIGRE and IEEE platforms. He is available on linked in at