Digital Utility India Summit 2022

Digital Utility India

Digital transformation for utilities to stay ahead of the curve

Among the industries facing big challenges and having tremendous opportunities in digital innovation and digital transformation is the utilities industry.

Digital Utility 2022 will allow the exploration of successful implementation of recent case studies within Digital Business and its unique strategies. The conference will bring together key industry stakeholders for exchanging perspectives, learning and excellent networking opportunities with your peers to address current challenges of the digitization in the utilities sector. Join us in to receive expert insights on business cases, financial aspects and technological advancements in the industry through latest case studies, discussions and interactive networking sessions focusing on innovation and technology, cyber security, customer experience and much more.

While utilities June face some unique challenges, the imperative to digitally transform is far from unique. All industries are undergoing digital transformations. The results are telling: companies that invested heavily in digital transformation are now reaping rewards.

Objectives of Utilities - Top priorities from Digital Transformation

  • Enhancing customer experience
  • Improving operational efficiencies
  • Digitalizing the learning and development program for employees

Hurdles Utilities experiencing in their Digital Transformation Journey

  • Complex decision making process
  • Legacy systems and cultural resistance to change
  • Lack of digital vision and awareness of potential impact
  • Lack of appreciation of business case and long term ROI

Solutions Utilities looking to implement

  • Advanced distribution management solutions (ADMS)
  • Decentralized Energy System (DES)
  • Geospatial Services (GIS)
  • Enterprise Asset management (EAM)
  • Advanced energy management system (AEMS)
  • Cyber security
  • Data Analytics and Management
  • Digital twins
Key Topics
  • A Look at The Future of Digital Utilities
  • The Importance of Customer Experience and Anticipating Their Expectations
  • Exploring Changing Business Models
  • Operational Focus: The Digital Era
  • Addressing the Challenges of Cyber Security and New Innovations for The Future
  • An Insight into Electrification
  • Trading Markets
  • Utilities’ Approach to Data Analytics and Management
  • The Benefits of Data Sharing in Digital Utilities
  • Smart, Sustainable, and Decarburization Innovations
  • Breaking Down Costs and Funding

Who will attend?

During the course of the event, industry leaders and experts from major public and private utility companies will be coming together, creating great networking opportunities. High profile speakers will be sharing their knowledge and expertise on the key aspects of digitalization. This will allow you to gather new and vital information from industry innovators, which will be invaluable for future strategies.

The event is designed with special interest to CTO'S, CIO'S, CDO'S and Heads of Digital innovation looking to develop and enhance their technological solutions. Furthermore, attendees include transmission, power generation, distribution & supply companies and lastly TNO's/TSO'S & DNO'S/DSO'S.

Opportunities to Meet Your Target Audience:

Showcase your case studies technologies to the industry, with opportunities to demonstrate the capabilities of your latest products and services. Companies can gain direct access to our senior level audience and have an increased level of visibility and exposure through branding and networking at the conference. This will allow you to attract new business and forge lasting commercial relationships.