Mr. P.K. Agarwal

Former Director

Advisor & Speaker : Electricity Markets | Utility Digitalisation | Cybersecurity * Certified Independent Director * Former Director and CISO, POSOCO-India * FIE(I), SMIEEE, MCIGRE, MAIMA.

A Power System professional with over 40+ years of experience. Helping power industry to design and automation of electricity market, integration of SCADA systems, and OT cyber security implementation, currently consulting to USAID projects in central Asia. Certified Independent Director of Company.

Played key roles in developing electricity markets in India, from its inception with Availability Based Tariff (ABT) in 2002 and Open Access in 2008, followed by Power Exchange, Day-Ahead Market, Cross Border Energy Trading, and the recent launch of Real-Time Market.

Carried out complete life cycle management and integration of large-scale Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system and Renewable Energy Management Centers (REMC). Pioneered synchrophasors technology in the Indian power system in 2009.