Abhishek Ranjan

Sr. VP Strategy & Head - Utilities & Retail - ReNew Power

Abhishek has about two decades of experience in Power and Information Technology sectors in India. He started his career with Infosys Technologies Limited, an IT company based in India, where he worked on development of enterprise applications for a major US utility and a technology MNC.

Abhishek Ranjan is currently leading a team in the areas of Energy Efficiency & Demand Side Management, Renewable Integration and Rooftop Solar, grid level Energy Storage solutions, EV charging infrastructure, Power scheduling & demand forecasting and Energy Analytics at BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL), New Delhi.

BRPL serves over 2.4 Million consumers over an area of 750 sq. Km in Southern and Western parts of national capital Territory of Delhi, India.

BRPL is agile to India’s climate change goals and has made concerted efforts to align its operation with nation’s goals through several green initiatives e.g. transition of its power portfolio with ~20% of renewable share in capacity terms, DSM & EE initiatives, promotion of grid connected DERs, other non-wired alternatives like grid level battery storage etc.

Launched community Rooftop Solar initiative (BRPL Solar City Initiative – focussed on residential sector) launched in Jan ’18. Over 800 RTS net-metered connection as on date (~ 27 MWp).

Behavioural Energy Efficiency Program covering over 2 Lakh residential consumers in progress in partnership with Oracle Utilities

Launched Student Awareness program (Energy Wise Energy Rise) focussed on Climate change, Pollution and its mitigation, RE integration and energy conservation, covering about 0.1 Million students of Delhi Govt. Schools in partnership with TERI

Undertaking several Energy conservation and efficiency programs for consumers including Efficient cooling and lighting solutions, solar powered energy efficient pumps (grid connected), non-wired alternatives for meeting peak demand e.g. grid level battery storage in license area and faster roll out of EV charging infrastructure for public fleet as well as private owners of EV.

Managing Day ahead and Intra-Day (real time) power scheduling for the license area while following cost-effective multi-source power procurement strategy. BRPL met ~3100 MW peak demand in 2018.

Effective Statistical Demand Forecast model development for accurate prediction of day ahead demand thereby ensuring prudent procurement strategies

In his earlier assignments, Abhishek has worked on Detailed Project Reports covering power project economics & financing/techno-commercial aspects, Power potential study, tariff analysis and financial closure of Hydro renewable projects in Indian Himalayan states of Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Areas of expertise

Power Demand forecasting and power management (system operation functions)

Capacity Building & implementation of Rooftop Solar, DSM and Energy efficiency interventions for a Utility

Consumer Outreach and management